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Apocalypse is Coming Be Prepared

1. Read the Adventure backstory or the Mini backstory!  You will have a richer experience in your adventure with that context.

2. Dress appropriately.  Nothing too tight or too loose - T-shirt and sweats work perfectly.  Dress in a modest manner that won't make anyone uncomfortable (especially yourself) and is suitable for climbing, stooping, bending, crawling.  Also don't wear anything too cherished; while unlikely, it is possible that fabric could get stained or torn.

3. Wear closed-toed shoes with NON-slick sole.  For safety reasons we cannot admit anyone in flip-flops or sandals (Note, this is not as important for the mini.)

4.  Like/follow one of our pages, and then share it or any of our posts or videos on social media and you will receive a free secret!  (You will need your cell phone to show that you completed this to receive free secret then cell phones will be stored in free locker during your adventure.)

5. Arrive early.  If you are late, you may wait a long time, perhaps eternity.

6.  (Optional) Play a round of "Keep Talking and No One Explodes"-while not a perfect match, it will definitely help you with one area of the adventure, plus you will have a blast while waiting for the day of your live adventure.

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