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Is This For Me?

Every LAAGBiT Adventure is completely unique and not every adventure is for everyone.  We want you to have the best time ever  when you come to Apocalypse, so be sure to come with your spirit of adventure intact. Other things to think about:

  • The Family, Regular, and Advanced versions are considered a "High Adventure" - there may be kneeling, squatting, climbing,stooping, and/or crawling, so a reasonable amount of fitness must be had. If you have any concerns (extreme claustrophobia, or bad knees or other) please contact us at - we have a solution that will make everyone comfortable.  The "Mini" version can be completed by anyone that can walk.  Sorry, but this adventure has no wheelchair access:(. We are excited about our next adventure  which will be so amazing and accessible to all:)

  • If you love the old shows at Universal Studios (Terminator 3D, Back to the Future, Shrek 4D, Waterworld) you will very likely love this to!  If you hated these shows, well, you will probably still love this, but  then again . . .


What about the Corona Virus?  Since our audience size is only around eight people  (often a group that             would hang out together anyway) and there is little contact between cast and audience, the                       odds of passing the virus is small.

What happens exactly during Apocalypse?  The funnest two hours of your life is what happens!  The                  reporting video has a couple of hints about what goes on, but for a little more, watch                                      Apocalypse in 60 seconds or Grandma's in for a surprise

Can I just show up or do I have to book in advance?   It is best to reserve in advance, but if you see we have an opening between bookings during our walk-in hours, it will likely work out.  


How Long  Does Apocalypse Last?  The production lasts about two hours if you make it to                            the end (of course it seems like minutes.)  Expect to be involved a little over two                                    hours because of pre and post activities if you complete this adventure.

How many people in a group?  For the regular, 4-5 is the very minimum, 10 the maximum, however

           7-8 is generally best, with 6-9 being good.  Less than six, your group may not have                                enough hands to conquer this quest, and at 9 or 10, it gets a little crowded with some                          people having little to do but get in the way.  For family, 5-8 works well.

Will this show be held over or will you do it again?  Our building is  being torn down so we will not             be here much longer.  While it is possible that this show will return to SD,  we plan to travel               out of state with it, and cannot guarantee it will ever come back to the same area because                 we have so many amazing ideas for new shows!


What is the difference between Family and the other levels?  Click here for a full explanation.

What if I'm super nervous but want to try it?  We would suggest just trying it out - most people

         forget to be afraid because they are having so much fun.  You can also come during day-                      light hours or family times.

Is this scary?  Not really in the family or regular adventure version.  There is no gore or violence in               any of the versions.  There is some suspense which may be considered scary, one or two                     surprises that may startle a little and of course the suspense of if you are going to make it to           the end will make your heart pound!  There are some real scares in the scary/advanced                         version.

What if I have bad knees?  We can make accommodations for those who don't want to do any                  crawling or who have severe claustrophobia.  Just let someone know when you arrive at the               front and they will take care of you.

How do I become a part of LAAGBiT Entertainment?  It's easy, click here to apply.

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