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Looking for something fun to do in San Diego?  Something new and exciting?  Then you are looking for a LAAGBiT adventure!  

  Check out our Latest Adventure Here 

(It actually doesn't have anything to do with pirates.)

What is a LAAGBiT Adventure?
IMAGINE you and your friends having the entire "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride all to yourselves.  Yours is the only boat taking cannon fire, the only boat going over the waterfall.
                     You are Imagining the LAAGBiT Ambiance 
IMAGINE you have a complete story-line that sets you in this   time and place.
               You are Imagining the LAAGBiT Setting
IMAGINE that the boat stops and you have to out-smart the pirates to pass.  And then use clues from their map to find the cursed treasure to bribe the guards and save the town.
  You are Imagining the LAAGBiT Adventure

 Our Mission:

 To Delight You with a Totally New Experience full  of  Excitement, Comradery, Adventure, and ​


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