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Looking for Something Fun to do in San Diego?

Now Closed

Last Day for Adventure 11/1/22

Last Day for Escape  11/11/22

Unlike anything you've ever done before!

PRICING (per person)

3-4- $59      5-6- $48     7-9- $38

        LIMITED TIME:  use code SAVE4FUN at checkout for 20% off all groups with four or more!


 More like a traditional challenging scary escape room.

PRICING (per person)

2-3- $32     4-6- $29     7-9- $24


Only in San Diego for Limited Time!

"Laagbit was definitely the funnest

and craziest adventure I’ve had with my friends!" Belle M

"Never have I had an experience like

this. I’ve done 42 escape rooms, but

this is in a class of its own. You will

not be disappointed." Charlules D

"Great experience and so much thought and care put

 into this." Lucas

*Apocalypse Adventure is much more than an escape room! You DO have the space to yourselves and get to search for clues and solve some puzzles, but you also get to explore the whole-seven-thousand-square-foot-world of our newest production  with its many different areas and secrets. You will see parts of the plot played out before you, complete with special effects, but your actions write the end to this dramatic story! 


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